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​Choosing The Right Digital Inspection System & Hand Tools for Cannabis Inspection

Choosing the right Digital Inspection system can be confusing. There are many different types of systems available today at price points ranging from $150 to over $10,000. It is important to clearly establish what functions you expect the system to perform and what you hope to accomplish with the system.

A microscope for cannabis will help visualize Trichome development. (Trichomes are miniscule, glassy hairs covering the buds and typically contain higher levels of cannabinoids.) If the buds are not harvested at the right time, the amber color and cloudiness will affect the potency. Even after harvest, the microscope will be a valued tool to examine cannabis or hemp for mold/powdery mildew, fungus or mites on the leaves and buds.

The stereo microscope offers dual magnification. Using a stereo microscope, it is possible to observe both the glandular and non-glandular trichomes on the surface the leaf and stem. Foreign materials in cannabis pose a serious health hazard to patients who are using plant products to treat their medical conditions. A simple physical examination under a high-powered microscope helps ensure the cannabis will not exacerbate conditions or pose new health risks.

Overall, Aven offers a wide range of high-quality Visual Inspection equipment to examine the cannabis samples for common impurities such as mold/powdery mildew, fungus or mites on the leaves and buds. The visual inspection system can be used to examine the state and color of the sample’s trichomes, which assists to determine whether the flower was fully mature when harvested!


USB Digital Microscopes

These scopes are generally lower cost and provide quick magnification on a computer. Most come with software that allows you to capture images and perform basic measurement functions. General magnification ranges from 10x-50x.
Typical applications: Spot check inspection and measurement, portable for field applications
Example: Aven Mighty Scopes

Dual HDMI & USB Output Scopes

The process is extremely simple: hover the microscope over the marijuana plant (or any other part of the plant with trichomes) and determine the colors.These systems tend to be larger in size and higher in cost than a USB Digital Microscope. They allow the user the convenience of inspecting cannabis directly on a HD Monitor without a computer, but can also connect to a computer to capture and compare images and perform basic measurements. Higher end systems like this may have an auto focus feature.
Typical applications: Presentations, quality control, low magnification product line work
Example: Aven Cyclops

Auto Focus HDMI Systems

Auto Focus HDMI Systems, like Aven’s SharpVue Inspection System, are the most advanced available and feature a high quality HD camera with nearly instantaneous auto focus. The SharpVue Inspection System offers a greater working distance and ease of use to the operator. The premium HD camera allows the operator to work at various magnifications without sacrificing working distance. Premium Auto Focus HD Systems also generally feature a USB output to connect to a computer for image capture, comparing images and perform basic measurements.
Typical applications: Production lines, Quality labs, high volume quality inspections and documentation
Example: Aven SharpVue

Hand Tools

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Because stainless steel is an alloy, it is extremely durable and able to withstand years of use without showing wear when cared for properly. Stainless steel is also resistant to water damage and rust. Ergonomically designed stainless steel tweezers such as Aven Artis Tweezers are a must-have for delicate cannabis inspection, as the angled bend design at the tip provides a softer overall grip, a large surface area and reduces hand fatigue.
Typical applications: Inspection, Quality Control
Example: Aven Artis Tweezers

Stainless Steel Scissors

Aven’s Stainless Steel 4-1/2” Precision Scissors feature a 1-3/8” blade for delicate work in hard-to-reach places, like cutting cannabis buds or pruning buds of cannabis.
Typical application: Harvesting and trimming
Example: Aven Stainless Steel Scissors

Scalpel Handles & Blades

Aven provides a series of scalpel blade handles and disposable replacement scalpel blades for effortless cutting needs. Scalpel blades provide more accuracy and efficiency than standard razor blades when cutting cannabis clones.
Typical application: Clone handling
Example: Aven Scalpel Handles and Blades

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