Cannabis Chemotype, EEG, and PharmacoGenetics: Implications for Mood, Pain, and Altered States of Consciousness

While cannabis is now widely used for a variety of medicinal and recreational purposes, little is understood about the impact that different cannabis strain profiles may have on the user. Research has shown that one of the best ways to characterize Cannabis strains is by their terpene profiles in addition to their Cannabinoid ratio-type (high THC, high CBD, or roughly equivalent THC:CBD) levels. We have derived a series of empirical rules based on Principal Component Analysis that describe terpenoid biosynthesis patterns and describe 2 main poles: “Fuel” and “Floral”…

Primary Author(s)

Jeff M Tarrant, Ph.D.,
Jean L Talleyrand, M.D.
Len May, M.C.S.
Steve Ottersberg, M.Sc.
John S Abrams, Ph.D *
*Corresponding aurthor.