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4 extraction bottles with black caps

Complexities of Designing to Meet Classification Standards

When it comes to extraction and using volatile, flammable solvents, several safety and usage codes come into play. The purpose of these codes is to protect the property, the equipment, and most importantly the lives of the people working daily with these solvents and the equipment associated with them.  You’ve likely heard of C1D1 and C1D12 ratings, but what’s the difference? C1D1 (Classification 1, Division

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Good Lab Practices and Tips From The Pros

Tight budgets and time constraints often lead to simple oversights in the lab, impacting the quality of your analyses. Many chromatography challenges can be traced back to human error, poor maintenance, or a lack of proper training. Here are a few tips on good laboratory practices to consider for more accurate testing results: Tip 1: Improve Precision and Accuracy by Using Internal Standards When used

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