Vaping-induced Lung Illness and the Chemistry of Vaping

Robert Strongin, Ph.D.

An overview of recent events and current scientific understanding of vaping-induced lung injury will be presented. This will include our new studies of counterfeit additive formulations.


Looking under the Hood of the Cannabis Plant: A Molecular Evaluation of Cannabinoid Production

Peter Apicella

Peter uses real-time quantitative PCR to measure the expression of key genes related to cannabinoid and trichome production. The experimental results presented here associate increased gene expression amid many other findings.


Gene Networks Underlying Oil Production in Cannabis Trichomes

Keith Allen, Ph.D.

There has been a flood of new genomics data for Cannabis, and the stage is now ripe for construction of a higher quality transcriptome than anything published to date. Keith will describe the current state of this work and where he hopes to take it.

Cannabis’ Effect on Brain Cells: Lab Studies from Israel

Ben Euhus, MSc

Cannabis comes in a variety of chemovars, or ‘strains’, who’s abilities are dependent on the chemical concentration of their cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Using 23 unique chemovars, extracts created from flower material local to Israel were used to demonstrate cannabis’ varied ability on the microglia brain cell.

Comparison of the Anti-Tumor Efficacy of A Whole-Plant Extract Vs. Pure THC in Preclinical Models of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

Mara Gordon

Explore the cannabinoids that inhibit proliferation of cancer cells in vitro (e.g. THCA, CBDA, etc.) and other non-cannabinoid compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors (e.g. beta-caryophyllene). Learn why most of the constituents of cannabis have not been studied in cancer, even though there is already clinical evidence for other ailments supporting this idea.

Extraction optimization and control with data analytics

Markus Roggen, Ph.D.

At Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures, they employ big data analytics to understand extraction processes at a fundamental level and develop insights that were previously impossible to achieve. Learn how this young research venture adds scientific insight by working with producers to spot inefficiencies in production, implement better extraction protocols to target specific outcomes, and optimize yields.

Physiochemical data mining and prediction of cannabinoid terpene and constituents found in cannabis

Jerry King, Ph.D.

Physicochemical data is critical with regards to optimizing process chemistry and engineering, particularly in the chemical separations area as it pertains to the cannabis/hemp industries. Such data is also required by regulatory agencies with respect to chemical safety documentation, such as COAs MSDs and PSDA, and SDSs (9material transport). Learn more about this hard to find data in this presentation.

Identification of Manufacturing Byproduct as Synthetic Cannabinoid Δ10-THC

Alex Siegel

Learn how this experiment was undertaken to determine the identity of an unknown compound commonly seen as a by-product during the purification of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabidiol (Δ9-THC). Find out how the results open up the possibility of making isolated Δ10-THC as an entirely new consumer product for the cannabis market.

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