Emerald Conference 2018 Presentations

Ken Snoke, President – Emerald Scientific

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ken Snoke, President – Emerald Scientific

Ken Snoke is a Founder of Emerald Scientific. Learn more at: www.linkedin.com.a

Roger Little

How Can a Cannabis Testing Laboratory Add to Cannabis Cultivation? Phenotype Hunting and Jasmonates

Roger Little, Ph.D. – CTA, LLC

CTA, LLC has developed a method of screening seedlings for cannabinoids at the third leaf node stage that is predictive of final potency and cured flower mass.

Hope Jones

Cannabis Micropropagation & Cost Analysis

Hope Jones, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer, C4 Laboratories

Hope brings more than a decade of experience utilizing her unique qualifications and education to help drive scientific innovation within the cannabis industry.

Andrew Aubin

The Use of Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for the Isolation of Cannabidolic Acid (CBDA) From Cannabis Extracts

Andy Aubin – Applications Chemist, Waters Corporation

Andrew Aubin has been working as an applications chemist at Waters Corporation for the past 19 years…

Group 1 Q and A

Group 1 Q & A

Roger Little, Ph.D., Hope Jones, Ph.D. and Andy Aubin

The morning’s presenters field questions from conference attendees…

Taylor Trah

Formulation of Customized Cannabis Concentrates

Taylor Trah – Formulations Manger, OutCo

Taylor Trah is the Formulation Manager for OutCo (San Diego) where he works to develop the vertically integrated medicinal product line for Outliers Collective.

Shehzad Hoosein

Product Development and Commercialization in the Cannabis Industry

Shez Hoosein – VP of R&D, Cannabistry

Shehzad brings proven technical leadership in product innovation developed at DIAGEO, the world’s number one premium spirits company.

Monica Vialpando

Pharmaceutical Formulation Technologies Applicable to Cannabis Product Development

Monica Vialpando, Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Development, Vialpando LLCy

This presentation will provide an overview of the most promising pharmaceutical formulation strategies for cannabis for product development…

Emily Savage

Microbiological Contamination of Cannabis: What do we know?

Emily Savage – Lab Manager, CW Analytical

Emily oversees day-to-day operations and technological additions and advancements of the microbiology laboratory as well as ongoing research…

Matthew Ward

Microbial Testing in Cannabis: Challenges and Best Practices

Matthew Ward – Marijuana Laboratory Auditor, CO CDPHE

Matthew Ward is a marijuana laboratory auditor for the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE), Marijuana Laboratory Inspection Program.

Reggie Gaudino


Reggie Gaudino, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer, SteepHill Labs

Dr. Reggie Gaudino oversees all scientific research and development for Steep Hill and manages the Ynsight™ genetics division.

Andrew Samann

Cannabis Manufacturing Standards and Their Relationship to Clinical Health Outcomes

Andrew Samann – CEO, Orion GMP Solutions

Orion GMP Solutions focuses on the implementation and auditing of internationally harmonized Good Manufacturing Practices…

Brian Rohrback

Robust Analytics from Harvest to Finished Product Specification

Brian Rohrback, Ph.D. – Infometrix, Inc.

The quality control of botanically-derived pharmaceutical products represents a challenge and drove the development of a unique chemometric approach.

Steven Baugh

Non-targeted Chemical Characterization, Authentication and Dosing of Complex Cannabis Medicines

Steven Baugh

Mr. Baugh’s extensive background allows him to quickly understand complex topics like the recent FDA warning letters to the CBD market…

John Abrams

A Review Of Preliminary Data Trends In The Dosing Project™, A Novel Approach To Cannabis Clinical Study

John Abrams, Ph.D. – Abrams Bioconsulting

Dr Abrams continues his ongoing Cannabis Chemotyping analyses with a detailed description of Cannabinoid and Terpenoid levels and patterns…

Anthony Smith

Cannabinoid Chromatography: Precision, Accuracy and the Industrialization of Potency Analysis

Anthony Smith, Ph.D. – CSO, Evio Labs

Anthony has over 15 years of natural product research, quality assurance, product development, GMP manufacturing, FDA & regulatory experience…

Jack Cochran

Better Living Through (Sensory) Chemistry: Gas Chromatography – Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy as a New Tool for Analysis of Terpenes and Residual Solvents in Cannabis Products

Jack Cochran, Ph.D. – Senior Director of Applications, VUV Analytics, Inc.

Savino Sguera

Cannabis Analytics: Toward a Chemotype-Based Labeling System

Savino Sguera – Chief Science Officer, Digamma Consulting

Savino Sguera is Director of Digamma Consulting. He has been in the cannabis analytical laboratory industry for many years.

Ric Cuchetto

Contemporary Model for Analyzing Pesticides in Cannabis

Ric Cuchetto – The Cannabis Chemist

Ric has over thirty years of experience in analytic chemistry.

Paul Winkler

Alternative Approaches LC-MS/MS

Paul Winkler, Ph.D. – Marketing Development Manager, SCIEX

Paul’s career includes working for the Dow Chemical, the Finnigan Corporation and over 20 years experience in environmental and bioanalytical laboratories.

Ken Snoke, President – Emerald Scientific

Thank you and closing remarks

Ken Snoke, President – Emerald Scientific

Ken Snoke is President of Emerald Scientific. Learn more at: www.linkedin.com.