QR Coded Glassware

QR Coded Class A Laboratory Glassware – An Easy Time Saver For Your Lab!

The Usual:

  • Your laboratory is engaged in work so important that you absolutely must have Class A calibrated volumetric glassware, such as a cylinder or flask, made of the finest materials in an ISO approved factory.
  • This glassware is an investment for you, and you pay attention to information on the printed certificate of calibration included with the product. This certificate is necessary to support your research or production process and should be easily available for reference when needed. The challenge is that you often end up storing the printed certificate in a separate location, with the certificate resting comfortably in a filing cabinet while the glassware is actively used in your lab.
  • When you need the certificate of calibration, such as in a standard audit scenario, you have to locate the filed certificate and match it up to the cylinder or flask. This may go smoothly for you if your lab procedures are tightly defined and consistently maintained. If that’s not the case, it can be a chore to locate the certificate and match it up to the corresponding piece of glassware.

The Game Changer:

  • Each piece of that carefully selected Class A calibrated volumetric glassware arrives to you with a QR code permanently screened onto it. A printed certificate of calibration is also included in the package, and you’re welcome to file that like you’ve always done, or…
  • You can make a better choice. The QR code on the product is easily scanned on your smartphone using the popular Neo Reader QR code app, and that scan takes you immediately to the manufacturer’s website, where you can view, print and save a copy of the same certificate of calibration that was included in the package. This eliminates the need for you to develop a paper filing system for the certificate, and lets you access the calibration information at any time, in any place.

Simple. Obvious. You’re probably wondering why it took so long.

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