Understanding Automated Data Transfer and the Standardization of Weighing Workflows in Hemp and Cannabis Testing Labs

Tucker Rubino National Channel Sales Manager – Laboratory, METTLER TOLEDO
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Tucker is currently the National Channel Sales Manager responsible for partnerships and collaborations at METTLER TOLEDO. Previous to his current role, he was the North American Product Manager for the Laboratory Weighing Portfolio. Tucker has an extensive background in Forensic and Synthetic Chemistry. Upon graduating with a Chemistry and Psychology degree, Tucker worked for Cayman Chemical Company developing and synthesizing emerging street drugs for use as analytical standards. Following that, he spent three years working as a Forensic Scientist for the Columbus Police Department in the Drug Chemistry Section. He has practical experience performing drug analysis, testifying, and complying with ISO 17025 standards. In addition, Tucker also led, developed, and implemented a successful measurement uncertainty program – allowing him to understand the challenges associated with measurement uncertainty determination and risk assessment.

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