with Tony Rhoden, Senior Cannabis Instrumentation Specialist, PerkinElmer

In this webinar we’ll go beyond the typical lab-focused discussion and dive into the details of what it’s like to build a Cannabis Testing Lab “Business.” We’ll discuss how to set a proper timeline for the entire process and how to keep the momentum going throughout so your potential future success remains intact.

with Leigh White, CEO, Emerald Scientific

Starting a new cannabis testing lab? Expanding or updating an existing lab?
Finding capital equipment financing can be challenging and time-consuming. And reasonable rates for borrowers in the cannabis industry have been scarce. Here at Emerald Scientific, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to finding solutions that we’ll share with you in this webinar. We’ll demystify the financing process, talk about how we work with financing partners, and tell you about the experience of our customers.

with Shianna Hines, Senior Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer

Learn about the many obstacles to overcome when analyzing Heavy Metals in Cannabis by ICP-MS. Laboratories often have difficulties analyzing cannabis and hemp products due to the variety and variance of complex product matrices and from the industry’s vast expansion into all spectrums of consumer goods. In this webinar, Shianna will discuss how your laboratory can overcome these obstacles while also being on the cutting edge of Cannabis Testing for Heavy Metals.

with Stephen Arpie, Director General, MS Analytical Chemistry, Absolute Standards

Successful participation in the Emerald Test relies on understanding the value assignments for calibration mixes, CRM matrix samples, and in the performance test samples.  Because each Performance Test has fitness for use of varying degrees, it is essential for the analyst to leverage this knowledge to gain agreement.  We have all heard, that PTs are not real world, and that is certainly true.  However, PT’s are a good stand-in for value assignment comparisons which demonstrate an analysts’ ability to perform critical calibration, extraction, and detection. Statistical evaluation of previous Emerald studies will demonstrate the metrological quality of this internationally accepted program.

with Candice Warren, Analytical Chemist and Quality Manager, and Melissa Stonier, Analytical Chemist and PT coordinator, Absolute Standards

This webinar will discuss the numerous cannabis proficiency test samples offered by Absolute Standards through Emerald Scientific. Topics of this presentation will be ISO/IEC accreditation, PT design, corresponding calibrations, and PT reporting; concluding with a brief discussion on the upcoming fall round of the 2020 Emerald Test.

with Eli Aliaga, Analytical & Formulation Chemist, and Giovanni Esposito, Inorganic Formulations Chemist, Absolute Standards

In this 30 minute webinar we will discuss the various cannabis certified reference materials (CRMs) and their matrices offered by Absolute Standards through Emerald Scientific. The focal point will be on gummy, hemp flower, hemp oil, hard candy, cosmetic cold cream, chocolate, coconut oil, and beverage matrices. Different approaches towards product development, production, extraction, and analysis of these CRMs will also be discussed.

with Sarah M. Aijaz, Ph.D., Senior Analytical Chemist at Cerilliant Corporation, MilliporeSigma

Your results are only as accurate as your reference material. But what separates a reference material from ubiquitous high-purity research chemicals? How does this affect the quality of your analytical results? This webinar will provide an introduction to reference materials and review those available for cannabis testing so you can ensure you are starting with the ideal foundation for a safe and properly labeled final product.

with Hillel Brandes, Ph.D., Analytical Technology Specialist at MilliporeSigma

In this webinar, we will explore major parameters that affect chromatographic resolution of cannabinoids, and review examples along the way. Parameters we will explore include buffer, buffer concentration, pH, temperature, and choice of solvent systems. This quick webinar will provide you with a basis to hone in an optimized method based on your specific goals for potency testing.

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with Bruce Herzig, Analytical Science Liaison & Technology Specialist at MilliporeSigma

Ever wonder if you’re using the best solvents to optimize your analyses? In this webinar we’ll explore this question by guiding you through the various aspects of solvents suitable for cannabis testing, extraction, and purification.

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with Jessa Youngblood, Cannabis Industry Specialist at Hardy Diagnostics

Join us as we take a look at the logical steps to create safe and compliant microbiology testing practices in the cannabis lab.

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By George Hatziemanuel, Market Manager, Laboratory, Ohaus Corporation

An overview of regulations and regulating bodies, terminology, and concepts relevant to situations where a balance is used in ‘direct sale to the public’ (or “legal for trade”) applications.

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With Mark Diener, Product Manager and Kim Wolfson, Sales Team Leader, Julabo USA

An overview of temperature control units for CO2, EtOH and liquified hydrocarbon extraction methodologies. Sizing the proper unit for temperature range and capacity is critical for maximum processing throughput.

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With Phil Alfieri from Rotronic

Discover how a real-time monitoring system with 24/7 centralized monitoring and automatic report generation will allow you to log, track, analyze, and compare conditions in cultivation and production facilities.throughput.

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With Patricia Atkins, R&D and New Products Chemist

Pesticides are now a daily part of our world, from the anti-bacterial soaps we use to the commercial pesticides that are applied to our food. Over the past fifty years, the number of commercially available pesticide formulations has grown from a few dozen to thousands of preparations.

This technical tip will look at the development of modern pesticides and how those pesticides are applied, regulated and analyzed. While some of these pesticides are easily screened by using conventional and traditional methods of analysis, some pesticides, however, can be more challenging. We will discuss some of the most popular pesticides in use and the challenges some modern pesticides being used today in the cannabis industry.

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